52. Donate My Hair

I have had essentially the same hair style since I was 13 years old: long and low-maintenance.  Donating my hair is something I’ve always said I would do, but was either too vain or too nervous to actually go through with.  In the spirit of bravery (and to be honest, because it is hellish levels of hot out right now), I chopped it off.

I scheduled an appointment with a student at the Aveda Institute and went in nervous and sweaty.  Let me first shamelessly plug the Aveda Institute.  Sahida, a Level 2 student, did an AWESOME job and was so friendly.  I will 100% be requesting her every time I go back.

The Process:

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The Result: 

The next step is to mail my ponytail.  I came across this great post by Esther + Jacob of Local Adventurer.  Based on Esther’s advice, I will be mailing my hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths, which creates wigs for women with cancer.

If you’re a novice to hair donation (like me!), here are some requirements:
1. Make sure your hair is clean, with no additional styling products.
2. Break out the tape measure. Your hair must be at least 8 inches (20-21 cm) to make a wig.
3. The hair must be dry to send, or it can get moldy.
4. Make sure your hair is sealed in a Ziploc bag or plastic mailing envelope to send.

If you’re living in the NYC area and you’re looking to donate:
1. You can go to the Aveda Institute, which not only is less expensive than other salons because you’re working with students, but has a partnership with Locks of Love and will hand you the paperwork to donate and walk you through next steps.
2. Check out Mark Garrison Salon, who has a partnership with Pantene Beautiful Lengths and will give you 50% off your haircut to donate.
3. You can go to your regular salon and take the ponytail(s) home and donate on your own.

Happy Cutting, friends!


  1. I love your new haircut! I got a pixie cut a few years back and I wanted to donate my hair as well, but unfortunately it was just a centimeter or two too short… I’m probably never gonna grow it that long again so I guess I missed my chance:)


  2. I didn’t donate while coloring my hair as I had been misinformed about eligibility. Now I am a lovely, long gray, white and black haired women that is discovering how my current hair would be used to “offset” costs!! Disappointingly Unbelievable….


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