53. Grow a Plant Without Killing It (Part 2)

Well, it’s been a little more than two weeks of trying to keep a plant alive and Buffy (named after the Vampire Slayer) is still taking in sunlight and putting out O2. (Take that, haters!)


I put Buffy in her new home: the window sill of my office.  This way she can watch over and silently judge all the tourists as they snap photos of the New York Stock Exchange, as well as provide a much needed environmental boost to my space.

I bought BTVS at a bodega in Brooklyn, with no indication as to what kind of plant she might be.  Based on a cursory google search, it looks like she is a type of Echeveria succulent and takes in a lot of sunlight and doesn’t need much water (about once a week when the soil looks dry); all good things for hopeless gardeners.

While I look to continue adding to the Buffy gang (with plants soon-to-be-named Willow, Xander, Giles, Cordelia, Oz, Spike, and Angel), I’ve come across lists of unkillable plants:

Unkillable Plants for Murderous Thumbs:
1. Jade Plant:
Full sunlight, and water occasionally.  The Jade Plant has been listed on every “Unkillable Plant” list I’ve stumbled upon.
2. Spider Plant: Needs more water than the Jade Plant, but is still very low-maintenance. Place in full sunlight and trim off dead leaves.
3. Aloe Plant: Keep in indirect sunlight and water occasionally.  Has the added benefit of soothing burns for those of us prone to the Lobster Lifestyle.
4. Pothos Plant: Indirect sunlight, doesn’t need much water.  Grows quickly.  Don’t eat it or let anyone/any animal you like eat it.
5. Succulents: Full sunlight, water occasionally.  Added bonus, very trendy with the Brooklyn hipsters right now.

Days Not Dead: 16


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