53. Grow a Plant Without Killing It (Part 3)

I know you’ve been worried about Buffy (the plant, not the Slayer) and her well-being under my dubious care.  Not to worry!  She is alive and kicking (or sitting still on the window sill).

Although, if someone could explain that one yellow leaf, that would be great…

And, because I know nothing about gardening, I’m not going to provide any tips today.  I did, however, google the world’s weirdest gardens.  So, here we go:

1.  The Garden of Cosmic Speculation; Dumfries, Scotland: This garden looks like you’ve just stepped into a Salvador Dali painting.

Photo taken from Scotlandsgardens.org

2.  The Alnwick Poison Garden; Northumberland, England: Everything in this garden can kill you, or at least, really ruin your day.

Photo from Smithsonianmag.com; Copyright: Duncan Andison/Corbis

3.  Bookworm Gardens; Sheboygan, Wisconsin: This garden is based on all our favorite children’s books!  I’ve never wanted to picnic somewhere more.

Photo from the Bookworm Gardens

4.  Step Garden at Acros Fukuoka; Fukuoka, Japan: Built into the rooftop of one of the largest buildings in Fukuoka, these steps make for a massive park.

Photo from Greenroofs.com; Photographer: Hiromi Watanabe

5. The Highline; New York City, USA: I don’t know why this never makes it onto any “crazy garden” lists, but the Highline is one of my favorite spots.  A garden/park built on abandoned above-ground train tracks.

Photo from NYCgovparks.org; Photographer: Joel Sternfeld

6. The Hanging Basket at Hotel Indigo; London, UK: Apparently this thing weighs over a ton(ne) and is the world’s largest flower basket.

The world s largest hanging basket measuring 20ft wide and 10 ft high and weighing a quarter of a ton
Photo from TheTelegraph.co.uk; Photographer: Ken Lennox

For now, my garden consists of one very small, unkillable window plant.  But that plant is still alive, so I’ll call that a victory for me.

Total Days Not Dead: 36

9 thoughts on “53. Grow a Plant Without Killing It (Part 3)

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  1. It is the same for me. I so do not have a green thumb. Hey, I manage even to kill cacti! A friend of mine recently gave me an orchid. I am trying to keep it alive but I’m afraid the poor plant won’t see Christmas! So far (if I may use your words), total days not dead: 33
    Funny thing is I love gardens. I would like to visit The Alnwick Poison garden and the Bookworm Gardens (as I love children books too). Nice post!

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