130. Get In Great Shape

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about health and fitness, particularly as I glimpse the Dreaded 30 coming around the corner (I’m almost 27).  My weight has fluctuated constantly since I hit puberty an eon ago and I tend to vary on how much time and energy I put into my fitness and health habits. (Funny how those can go hand in hand…)  I would love to get to a pinnacle of good health.

That “great shape” looks and feels different for everyone.  I may not want to be a body builder, but I would love to lift my laundry bag without getting winded.  So here are MY goals:

1. Drink more water: This seems obvious, but it is so easy to forget to drink water.  Particularly if you’re a caffeine junkie like me.  Coffee and Diet Coke are not substitutes for water.  While I’m not ready to give up coffee (Will I ever be ready? Probably not.), I can give up soda and set goals for water consumption.  One of the most popular apps to set water goals is the Plant Nanny, which has you water and care for a plant each time you take a drink.  It’s like a Tamagatchi for your health!

2. Lose 30 pounds: Last year I underwent a lot of weight loss; it was all-consuming.  I would get home from work and work out for 2 or 3 hours.  I ate sparingly and with massive portion control and never allowed myself oh-so-delicious snacks.  And it worked…until I started allowing myself flexibility, and the weight came back.  This time, I’m focused on healthier, more sustainable ways to lose weight and keep it going as part of a lifestyle. Plus, I’m rebooting my FitBit, which helps to gamify the process.

3. Find an exercise routine (and stick to it): There are a few things that stand in my way. First, I hate exercising.  I’m lazy and I get bored and sweaty and I don’t like it.  Second, I’m not a morning person and my days are usually packed from 10 AM to 10 PM.  So what now?  Here is The Lazy Person’s Workout Guide.  I’m committed to a solid Level One for now: move more and eat better.  And, for a little extra motivation, re-downloading the Rock Clock, where Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will yell at me to get my ass moving every day.

4. Find a vitamin regimen: According to Women’s Health, there are 6 vitamins that are important to take daily: Vitamin A, B Vitamins, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Calcium, and Iron.  To my knowledge, almost none of them come shaped as Barney Rubble, so I’m suspicious.

5. Skin care: Not sure if you were clued in on this secret, but skin is important.  It’s the largest organ you have and is key to making sure you look and feel good.  Again, I’m lazy and generally don’t do more than wash it in the morning and at night.  Bustle put together a great Lazy Girl Guide to skin care (these tips are applicable to everyone, not just women!).

6. Spend more time outdoors: NYC has 1,700 parks, so I have no excuse not to spend a little extra time each week breathing in the outdoors and spending time around trees.  I’m looking to channel my inner hippie/geriatric and commune with nature.

7. See doctors more regularly: Doctors’ offices make me squirrely.  I tend to avoid the doctor at the detriment to my health, happiness, and comfort.  For example, I’ve had a knee injury for two years that keeps me from running, jumping, or skipping for joy.  This year, I’m making a commitment to making regular doctor’s appointments and finding a primary care physician to take care of my body and a mental health counselor to take care of my brain.  A great tool to use is ZocDoc, which makes scheduling easy and provides a checklist of the kinds of check ups you should do.  Also, because users can leave reviews, you can choose a doctor like you’re ordering dinner, based on customer satisfaction.


What health tips have worked for you? Let me know in the comments!  

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