39. Read 52 Books in a Year (Part 4)

Today marks the halfway point of my goal to read 52 books in a year!  I started this goal about 5 months ago, so I am ahead of schedule (Thank god for lengthy commutes and audiobooks!).  I've been digging into non-fiction subjects that interest me recently, instead of my go-to mystery or fiction novel: 23.... Continue Reading →

66. Record an Audiobook

I am a wholehearted convert of the Audiobook.  I listen to audiobooks on my commute, when I'm paying bills, when I'm going for long walks, when I'm doing busy work. (Quick Audible.com shout out here!)  Naturally, my slight narcissism leads me from "I like audiobooks" to "people absolutely want to hear me read at them".... Continue Reading →


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