14. Learn ASL

I know I wrote in my last post about how tricky time management has been.  That has absolutely not changed.  I am five weeks into school, I just signed a lease on a new apartment and am in the process of moving, and I'm still working full-time.  Doing just those things has me scrambling. (*whine,... Continue Reading →

70. Draw Cartoons

When I say "Draw Cartoons", I don't mean comics (although I may add that as another Bucket List item, now that I'm thinking about it).  When I say "Draw Cartoons", I mean those single paneled, observational New Yorker cartoons, or the recent surge of great cartoonists on Instagram.     Now, I'm not the world's... Continue Reading →

53. Grow a Plant Without Killing It

My grandma was an avid gardener.  Her backyard was a tangled, roaming mess of greens and bright colors.  She would spend hours each day caring for her plants and send her grandchildren out to pick fresh vegetables and fruit to add to her dinner.  Instead of gum, she would chew mint she had grown herself.... Continue Reading →

66. Record an Audiobook

I am a wholehearted convert of the Audiobook.  I listen to audiobooks on my commute, when I'm paying bills, when I'm going for long walks, when I'm doing busy work. (Quick Audible.com shout out here!)  Naturally, my slight narcissism leads me from "I like audiobooks" to "people absolutely want to hear me read at them".... Continue Reading →


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