70. Draw Cartoons

When I say "Draw Cartoons", I don't mean comics (although I may add that as another Bucket List item, now that I'm thinking about it).  When I say "Draw Cartoons", I mean those single paneled, observational New Yorker cartoons, or the recent surge of great cartoonists on Instagram.     Now, I'm not the world's... Continue Reading →

52. Donate My Hair

I have had essentially the same hair style since I was 13 years old: long and low-maintenance.  Donating my hair is something I've always said I would do, but was either too vain or too nervous to actually go through with.  In the spirit of bravery (and to be honest, because it is hellish levels... Continue Reading →

53. Grow a Plant Without Killing It

My grandma was an avid gardener.  Her backyard was a tangled, roaming mess of greens and bright colors.  She would spend hours each day caring for her plants and send her grandchildren out to pick fresh vegetables and fruit to add to her dinner.  Instead of gum, she would chew mint she had grown herself.... Continue Reading →

68. See All Seven Wonders of the World

Upon extensive research (i.e. typing 7 Wonders of the World into Google yesterday), there are (at least) two sets of the Seven Wonders of the World: the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and the Modern Seven Wonders of the World.  For this goal, we're talking about the Modern World, partly because no one has ever... Continue Reading →

1. Be a Contestant on Jeopardy

"Being a nerd really pays off sometimes." - Ken Jennings, 74 time Jeopardy winner. I love Jeopardy!.  No, I am not a grumpy geriatric, but I do like trivia and cursing out contestants for wrong answers. ("C'mon, Susan! You're a librarian from Wisconsin, how did you not know the answer was Wuthering Heights?")  I love... Continue Reading →

4. Visit all 196 Countries

In the spirit of the 4th of July (US Independence Day), this post is about all the other places I would like to go.  Someday, I would like to travel to every country and territory in the world.  I saw this video of Cassie DePecol, who not only went to every country in the world,... Continue Reading →


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